6 Non-“It’s Racism” Arguments to Reject Marine Le Pen

On the road to the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign is oddly similar to that of Donald Trump: confrontation with the media, nativism, and accusations of xenophobia. To avoid creating sympathy for the far-right candidate by throwing labels at her, let’s give substantive reasons to oppose her. Here are six reasons to reject Marine Le Pen other than ‘because of racism.’

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If It Sounds Illiberal, It’s Probably Illiberal

This article is part of a pro/con (called Liberty Faceoff) I did with Daniil Gorbatenko on the European Students for Liberty Blog. You can check out the entire post here.

When I left the Catholic Church at the age of 16 (yes that’s a thing, it’s some paperwork though) I felt refreshed. I had never been a fan of religion, church was boring and on the brink of the massive children’s abuse story going on at the time, nothing was really holding me back. As an atheist I didn’t fear supernatural repercussions to my act of apostasy. More importantly, I did not fear that my family or my (now former) church would call for my death. The same cannot be said for Islam.

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France’s Awkward Relationship Towards Religion Mirrored In The Burkini-Debate

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Two French municipalities banned the so called burkini this summer, a full-body swimwear worn by Muslim women for the purpose of following their faith. The fact that this not only made international news but developed into a national conversation shows how inadequately prepared France still is when it comes to dealing with the Muslim faith, especially under the current context. 

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Blasphemy Day: Your rights, use ’em or lose ’em

The 30th of September is International Blasphemy Day. Time for some god-hating, shall we?

Blasphemy can be considered as serving no purpose what so ever: it insults people and their god, it’s dividing people instead of bringing them together in peaceful coexistence. So knowing that, what’s wrong with blasphemy laws?

A lot.

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