France Wants To Introduce Compulsory Civil Service

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The French parliament recently adopted an amendment to an “Equality & Citizenship” bill that will introduce a civic service obligation for thousands of young people between ages 18 to 25. In a time when young people demand more freedom and restrictions on them have been lifted all throughout Europe, this measure proves France’s insufferable obsession with control.

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Let 2016 be the year you become free

This article was initially supposed to be titled “Becoming a Libertarian could be the most exciting thing you’ll do in 2016”, but ultimately seemed too long (and was less of a catchy title, or maybe that’s just me). This article will simultaneously be (as an edited version) a submission to the 2016 Essay Competition of the Web Of Life Foundation (W.O.L.F.). Participation is open until September 30th, guidelines can be found on their website.


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